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A Japanese Certification Exam on Computer Graphics

Open your Doors to Worldwide Opportunities


18 March 2023 via Zoom 

Come and join us via zoom on March 18,2023  from 10 am to 12 noon to find out more about the CG Creator Certification Exam and how it can help you and your company open new opportunities and elevate your career in Computer Graphics and Animation.

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What is the
CG Creator Certification?

For Creators whose Medium is Computer Graphics.

​Creators in the fields of movies, animation, commercials, games, music videos, apps, and other related fields are encouraged to take this Certification Test. This is a knowledge test that checks test-takers for their understanding in computer graphics, from 2D graphics and design, to 3D modeling and animation, to editing and compositing, and to workflows. This Certification is recognized by over seventy Japanese CG and broadcasting studios, and while this Certification alone does not assure employment in any of the studios, it is a good gauge to see a creator's current level.

 The CG Creator Certification is a digital arts certification created in 1991 by the CG Arts Society of Japan with the support of Canon Marketing Japan and IT companies. This was certified by the Japanese Ministry of Education, and is recognized by major Japanese broadcasting, animation, games, and visual effects studios. 


The CG Certification exam serves as a gauge to check test takers for their ability to use computer graphics technology, their knowledge on the theories behind computer graphics, and their ability to use graphics software effectively under design, schedule, and budget constraints to produce good CG movies, animations, games and commercials.


In July 2020, the Game Development Association of the Philippines (GDAP) will be conducting a localized English version of the certification exam in Manila for Computer Graphics students and professionals to be able to take. To implement this, GDAP will also be translating the CG Arts Textbook for teachers and students to learn, and conducting trainings for teachers to help students reach the required baseline to pass the exam.

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Benefits of the Certification

A Consistent Baseline for our Digital Arts Learners

One of the current problems of digital arts courses locally is that there is no consistency in the things we teach. Largely, this is due to the fact that there is no official reference book that schools use. With the  certification exam, schools and its learners will be able to gauge for themselves if they are reaching the minimum know-how to be competitive if they pass the exam. Also, the certification exam comes with a book that can also be used as a reference material in digital arts learning.


It Levels Out the Playing Field

A problem for smaller schools is that they are often ignored in favor of the more popular schools for computer graphics, even when they produce better graduates. With the certification exam, the industry can identify schools that really produce good graduates and give these lesser known schools a chance to be known for their teaching quality.


Global Competitiveness

One of the biggest reasons why we sometimes don’t win bids for international projects is that our skill and quality do not reach the global standards. In fact, statistics show that the industry is only hiring 6% of graduates in our field because majority just don’t reach the level needed for global competitiveness. The certification exam will give students a bar to aim for.

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Opening of International Doors

With an internationally-recognized certification like the CG Creator certification, foreign companies will be less apprehensive to work with our local artists and studios. This will give them the assurance that the artists at least can reach the level set by the certification exam.

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The certification test will cover the basics of design and 2D graphics, the basics of image production such as composition and camerawork, and methods and workflow of 3D graphics such as modeling and animation.

Basics of Expression

  • Drawing

  • Color

  • Movement

  • Typography

2D CG and Photography

  • Digital Basics

  • 2D CG

  • Photography

  • Video Editing


  • Modeling and Materials

  • Rigging and Animation

  • Camerawork

  • Lighting and Rendering

  • Composting and Editing


  • Production Workflow

  • Intellectual Property Rights

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What Can I Do Now?

Next Steps


Buy the Book

Php 2,400

The Introduction to Computer Graphics Design book is the official companion textbook to the CG Creator Certification Exam - Basic Level. It is recommended for anyone planning to take the exam. 

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Take a Review Class

Take a self-paced learning online class with live zoom consolation,

Coming Soon

Take the CG Creator Certification Exam

Php 3,750

Ready for the exam? Contact us 

to avail an exam permit. The next CG Creator Certification exam will coincide with Japan's next CG Certification

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Php 2,400

The Introduction to Computer Graphics Design Book is the official textbook of the CG Creator Certification Exam - Basic Level. It covers six main topics that are also the coverage of the exam:

  • Introduction to CG

  • Basics of Expression

  • 2D CG and Photography

  • 3D CG

  • Fundamentals of Technology

  • Intellectual Property Rights

Please contact us for bulk print orders.

Introduction to CG Design

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Are You a School?

Teacher Training and Certification

If you are an educational institution and would like to partner with us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking for partners:

  • To be a Test Center

  • To be a Review or Training Center

  • For bulk orders of the Introduction to CG Design book

  • To have your students take the CG Creator Certification

If you interested in offering Review Classes in your school, we offer Teacher Training and Certification on the CG Creator Curriculum. If you're interested in any of the above, please get in touch with us.

CG Creator Certification Affiliate Schools:

In the Classroom
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About Us

The CG Certification exams were created in 1991 by the CG-Arts Society, a Japanese public interest incorporated foundation that has played a role in human resource development and cultural promotion for the image information field and its advancements. The CG Creator Certification Exam is one of five tests being administered by the CG-Arts Society. And each test has two levels: Basic and Expert.

In 2016, in its effort to increase the quality of Computer Graphics in the country, the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) reached out to the CG-Arts Society to localize the CG Creator Certification for the Philippines. And on July 12, 2020, the first translated CG Creator Certification Exam - Basic Level will be administered in Manila, Philippines.

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Dates to Remember

18 March 2023

Learn more about the CG Creator Certification Exam in this 1 hour zoom Livestream. 


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Ready to Take the Exam?

Contact us 

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Game Developers Association of the Philippines

IBPAP Office, 5F C2 Bldg., Bonifacio Hight Street,

BGC, Taguig City, PH

Thanks for submitting!

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